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claudia denti

I am Claudia Denti, founder of Genitore Informato and Parentalife. I founded this project to help parents in the management of their children through a series of Parents' COURSES AND ONLINE GUIDES.

I have been involved with children and parenting for more than 10 years and created this community to give all moms and dads who want it the opportunity to access the best information available.

Parenting and parenting are difficult tasks, and before today, there was no one figure of reference for all major areas.

Even today, too often people end up asking the wrong specialist for key information.

Informed Parent is here to bring order and give you all the best means to manage your family and always feel prepared.

In our community you will find articles, ebooks and courses to be ready and calm in all situations that will affect your children.

My background and skills.

For over eight years I have been involved in the educational field and everything related to the world of early childhood. For more than 8,000 actual hours I have been the lead educator of several groups of children from zero to three years old.

I am thoroughly familiar with the management of the child in all its needs and the short- and long-term planning of activities that follow its growth and learning.

I have a doctorate in Education, a teacher of Infant Massage , certified in Safe Sleep and in Infant Disruption.

Bonding with the child becomes partial if there is no continuity with family management. That is why I decided to dedicate myself also and above all to family relationships, with "almost" moms, new moms, dads, new dads and the couple, so that I can give all the child's caregivers every necessary tool for happiness.

To this end, I have created a community for the exchange, sharing and resolution of parenting issues. We are already more than 200000, and we are waiting for you too!

My certifications.

I have decided to include below some of the most important trainings I have attended:

  • Bachelor of Science in Education, class: Education and Training Sciences from the University of Bergamo
  • Infant Massage Teacher Diploma from AIMI (Italian Association of Infant Massage)
  • Certified in Pediatric Life-Saving Maneuvers and Safe Sleep at Italian Red Cross
  • "Safe Kids" certificate at Salvagente
  • Certificate: "From attending to living: good practices in growing places for babies and toddlers and their families" at Sarepta Association
  • Certificate: "Emotions at play: the role, value and meanings of emotions" at Sarepta Association
  • Certificate: "Dynamic Group Relations and the Management of Problematic Situations" at Futura Social Cooperative Society
  • Certificate: "Quest for beauty: imagination, knowledge and self-care" at Sarepta Association
  • Certificate: "Let Nobody Touch Trilly" training and information on the issue of violence against children at Assonidi
  • Certificate: "Accompanying Educational Staff in the Application of Maieutics at the Nursery" at GestForm Development Solutions
  • Certificate: "Parenting Skills to Raise Responsible, Mature Children" MOOC course taught by Roger Kay Allen, Ph.D.
  • Certificate: "The Psychology Of Parenting" MOOC course taught by Weng Honn Kan
  • Certificate: "Neuroscience for Parents: How to raise amazing Kids" MOOC course taught by Gregory Caremans - Brain Academy
  • Certificate: "Mindful & Responsive Parenting: Communication That Works" MOOC course taught by Kellie Edwards
  • Certificate: "Positive Psychology and Happy Children" MOOC course taught by Braco Pobric

The editorial staff of Informed Parent and its contributors.

Severino Cirillo

Co-founder, CEO and Health and Wellbeing expert of Informed Parenting.

Since 2014 in the world of education, graduate in Health Sciences and specialized in Science of Happiness & Wellbeing.

Giovanni Gibiino

Physician specializing in Obstetric Anesthesia and Strategic Therapist.

Sabrina Ciccarelli

Psychologist and Psychotherapist at ABC Family in Rome.

Maria Chiara Alvisi

Midwife with hospital and field experience in Italy and abroad.

Elisa Sabbioni

Surgeon specializing in pediatrics at the Policentro Pediatrico e Donna in Milan, Italy.

Paola Pileri

Surgeon specializing in gynecology and obstetrics at the Policentro Pediatrico e Donna in Milan, Italy.

Alessandra Bramante

Psychologist and psychotherapist at the Milan Women's and Pediatric Policenter.

Claudia Di Salvo

Midwife and Professional Consultant in Maternal Lactation IBCLC with decades of experience in the UK.

Currently Freelancer between the provinces of Milan and Varese

Marzia Meda

Speech therapist since 2004, works with the 0-15 age group; performs evaluation and rehabilitation of speech, swallowing and learning disorders.

Member of teams authorized by the ATS for DSA certification.

Currently freelances in the province of Milan.

Alessandra D'Ortenzio

BLSD nurse and instructor Assoformatori accredited in ares 118.

Decades of experience in training courses particularly in pediatric first aid and maneuvering of disobstruction.

Irene Muliari

Freelance nutritional biologist specializing in diet plans for healthy individuals with special needs.

Promotes healthy lifestyle, where no food is "enemy" and none "miraculous."