Familienhotel Huber: how good is it?

March 18, 2024

If you’re wondering what it’s like at Familienhotel Huber, this article will help clarify it. We were their guests for three nights and we tell you how it went.

The structure of the Familienhotel Huber

Valles is a small village at the end of a valley in Sudtirol, and Familienhotel Huber is located in the small center, near the church, well integrated among the few buildings, with a small square leading directly to the reception.

Familienhotel Huber

The facility is quite large and spans six floors: three floors of rooms and suites, one for reception, bar, restaurant, play area, and “nest,” a floor for the wellness area, and one where there is ski storage and the garage with several charging stations for electric vehicles.

The hotel has several outdoor spaces, with an additional playground both in the immediate vicinity and at a farm about a kilometer away, where there is a barn set up with various games, a climbing wall, a small zoo, and an adventure park in the forest in front of the building.

Our suite

We were assigned the Erika suite, about 50 square meters with a separate bedroom for the children, a nice large living room, and a terrace along the room’s length. The bathroom had two separate sinks, a lower one dedicated to the children, and there was a changing table and reducer.

The room has a warm style, as does the decor, and we had a great time. If we have to find a fault, it is that you can’t get complete darkness at night.

The blackout curtains are of adequate size, but in the morning after 6 a.m. the sun was starting to light up the room.

For many people this might not be a problem, for us a little bit it was, along with the pillows being too soft (but in this case, it is our fault for not asking for a different pillow, despite the hotel staff’s suggestion).

Wellness area and play spaces

We spent almost all of our free time in the hotel’s truly AMAZING play areas and wellness area, mainly between the pools and the family sauna.

The temperature of both pools was very comfortable and the water area was available to accommodate several families without ever giving the perception of crowding.

For children over the age of 6 and adults, there was a very interesting tunnel slide with a strobe effect and time measurement for those with a competitive spirit.

The adult pool is both indoor and outdoor, with only a glass door dividing the two parts, and is opened simply by passing the photocell.

There is a family sauna in this part of the wellness area, but there is also a Finnish sauna on the floor, which is accessed naturally without clothes and with only a towel, just across from a massage area.

Familienhotel Huber

The indoor play area, as we said, is really wonderful, planned to the millimeter and built in a sublime way: there are hidden rooms with nature’s noises, a second floor accessed only by climbing through a mock barn. Upstairs one has to cross a small greenhouse with a garden view and return to the floor below with another slide/tunnel.

There is also an intricate wooden marble track, a marble that is given as a gift upon arrival at the hotel and signed with the name of the child to whom it is given.

Warm and familiar welcome

Right from the moment of arrival, the welcome is professional but familiar. The friendly staff properly informs about the hotel’s offerings and gives a real welcome to those who arrive.

This is not always the case, even in equivalent facilities. We felt immediately at home here, and the professional-familiar treatment was a leitmotif throughout our stay, whether at meals, at the bar, or in the entertainment and wellness areas.

Truly good.

We would like to emphasize that while this is a “goods exchange” deal, we are really impressed with the whole experience, literally from check-in to checkout. A few days before we reached the hotel, a banner stood out on their official website telling of their victory in a European Family Hotel competition.

We now understand why, and we are not surprised.

Excellent cuisine

We switched to a primarily vegetarian diet a few months ago and asked the hotel to take care of our need.

Both the buffet and the menus had a sufficient variety of both vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Not only that: the quality of the dishes was at the same level as the standard offerings, and we can say that we ate very well at all meals.

The children’s offerings, in a dedicated buffet, were also of excellent quality in both the savory and sweet parts. There was also an additional buffet with fruit, baby food and baby food, which was always available.

Would we recommend it?

We won’t hide it: it was truly one of the best experiences we have had at such a facility (find all the others here) and we would have gladly extended our stay if we could.

The average price of a stay at Familienhotel Huber is clearly appropriate for what is on offer, we feel comfortable recommending it to everyone who can afford it, because there really was nothing out of place and we had a great time.

We recommend it very, very highly.

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