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What do the moms say?

Alessia S

Alessia Sali I had already been "fooled" by two sleep nannies.... Fortunately, although I was skeptical, I decided to try it: it really changed our lives. Sleeping well is now the norm; I am so happy to have discovered MAMISleep!

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Benedetta Galluzzi

Benedetta Galluzzi Ours might be a lucky case, but our little one went in one week from 8 awakenings a night to sleeping from 9 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. almost without interruption...a dream!

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Claudia Nappo

Claudia Nappo After purchasing MAMISleep, we applied two simple changes to our routine and regained almost 4 hours of sleep from the very first night!

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Chiara Pascutto

Chiara Pascutto Although I had been applying the guidance for two weeks, there were still few results. Claudia's advice in the counseling made me notice some details that changed everything. We are finally sleeping!

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  • MAMISLEEP E-BOOK in which you will learn the stages of sleep, how to refine your habits and rituals to improve your baby's sleep.
  • MAMISLEEP AUDIO- BOOK for when you can't read, or you're doing other things.
  • 5 VIDEO LESSONS where you will be explained step-by-step everything you can do
  • COMMENTS AREA where you can contact us for clarification and where you can share your progress.
  • DIARIES AND CASE STUDY for how to put this guide into practice in real life
  • BONUS --> MASTERCLASS SLEEP WITHOUT TEARS: 90-minute masterclass on child sleep management (value €69)

The most frequently asked questions

How will I access the material?

As soon as you make your payment, you will receive credentials to access your restricted area.

What happens if I don't purchase now?

You will probably continue not sleeping for a long time, even though it is not your fault. Clearly, at some point, the baby will probably stabilize. But that could be in a few months, maybe a year. If there are bad habits, he may never do it.

Where will I be able to use it?

The guide will be usable on smartphones, tablets and PCs, whenever you want.
Only an internet connection will be required, except for downloadable materials that will always be accessible offline.


How will I receive the materials?

You will receive your login credentials within a few minutes to the email you indicate on the payment page (please make sure it is correct)

What if it doesn't work?

If the methods given in the guide-applied according to the instructions-do not work, you can contact me in person and we will solve your problem together.

Can I interact directly with Claudia?

There is a comments area in the course where you will have access to Claudia's advice and other parents' experiences. You will be able to compare notes and solve all your doubts together.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Yes, if you want to purchase by bank transfer, write to me at and I will provide you with the credentials where you can make the payment, and once the payment receipt is sent, I will give you access to the guide within a few minutes.

Is it possible to give the course as a gift?

Certainly, just let me know the name and email of the person to whom you are giving MAMISleep and we will do the login on their behalf. Remember to notify this person! :)

Do I find these things elsewhere?

MAMISleep content is created on the latest scientific studies and my personal experience in putting even 30 babies to sleep at a time. Some information you may know, probably. Certainly, you won't find my personalized advice anywhere else.


If you have any doubts, please contact us now!