January 26, 2024

In this article, we are going to talk about the method for sleeping, but it is my concern first to explain how not to fall into the web traps on this specific topic.

It seems to have become a fashion now to “find” the right method for sleeping for both adults and children.

Yes, I speak of fashion, because to this day there are so many sleep consultants creating catchy posts, articles, and videos where they sell “the method to sleep all night long” or “the foolproof method that will make your child sleep 9 or 12 hours straight.

The truth is that there are many methods to sleep and especially to sleep well, not only for children but also for adults: some of them work, some do not work, some are safe and some are dangerous.

So how to understand, in this jungle of information, which ones are of value and which ones would be better not to apply?

Certainly, the first thing to pay attention to is the source from which the information comes.

If you are reading an article that promises you a method for sleeping or getting your baby to sleep and the site is called “fatapaffuta” or “love tatina” it is most likely not a good start.

Often the goals of websites are changed so that they can cover topics that sell more.

The problem with implementing this behavior is that the vast majority of the time, that article is written by people who are not competent.

Tracy Hogg, Estivill, or Puericultrice Giannina’s sleep method?

So here we come to the second piece of information we need to pay attention to when we are reading an article: who wrote it?

Are there first and last names of the person who wrote the article?

Does this person have titles, perhaps academic?

Does he have reviews and, if he does, are they real?

Does he or she have an active VAT number or a company that will charge for the services he or she offers you? (This is necessary and mandatory information to display on a website. If it’s not there, run away.)

Beginning to answer these questions will allow you to at least outline the skills and reliability of this person because they will be dealing with the emotions of your family.

If the person in question is not recognizable by real first and last name and you don’t know what titles they have, their content is unlikely to be of value.

Let me give you an example: maybe you land on the page of “fatinadeisogni” where there is a “fairy” who has a foolproof method for sleeping.

There is no specific name of this fairy and no one knows what titles she has.

This is a clear example of very low reliability.

Cures for insomnia: it’s not magic

When we talk about method, we are not talking about magic.

Do you think that just reading a sleep method is enough to solve such a structured and complex problem?

No, it doesn’t work that way at all.

It is not enough to read pages to solve a problem: what you need to do is put it into practice.

Oh yes, this is where everyone falls: practice.

If you want to solve a problem or difficulty you necessarily have to put into practice what you have read or studied.

You don’t always have to be rigid in putting methods into practice because they also have to be adapted to people’s real lives. Some methods, however, must be taken literally, such as a slimming method (recommended by a nutritionist).

So: no magic!

If you want a result you have to apply yourself…. And do it methodically.

I don’t sleep, what should I do?

Adults have to sleep, too!

No, if you’ve always thought you could sleep little or even very little, you don’t have to!

Adults MUST sleep: the consequences can be dramatic both in the short and long term.

Many adults toss and turn in bed for hours before falling asleep, wanting to sleep right away, but getting lost in so many thoughts that prevent relaxation.

But is it possible to get to sleep in 2 minutes, even without melatonin supplements?

Apparently: yes.

U.S. Army soldiers fall asleep in 2 minutes.

Their technique?

  • Relax all the muscles of the face: tongue, jaw forehead, etc.
  • relax the shoulders and position them at the lowest possible point
  • exhale: throw out air and empty the chest
  • completely relax all the legs and the rest of the body
  • inhale slowly

Time is precious, and for many parents, falling asleep in less than the 2 minutes defined by the army is important, so they ask: is it possible to fall asleep in 60 seconds?

Again, it seems the answer is: yes.

Apparently, it would suffice to:

  • inhale with the mouth closed counting 4 seconds
  • hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • exhale for 8 seconds
  • repeat the cycle 3 times

These are just some of the natural methods to sleep and especially to get back to deep sleep.

Method for getting your baby to sleep.

So here we come to the real “method,” most likely the reason you are on this article.

To figure out how to get your baby to sleep, you must first understand why your baby is not sleeping: maybe he or she is going through just such a sleep regression or growth spurt!

Excluding all medical components is critical:

  • is he in pain?
  • is he in pain?
  • has he had any vaccines?
  • is it all the teeth’s fault?

Once you have ruled out one medical disorder, you can reason about the rest.

To implement a method, you must first choose one that is appropriate for your child’s age.

A method for a non-sleeping 6-month-old is markedly different from one you would use for a 3-year-old.

How to help babies sleep through the night?

First of all, remember that the adult does not sleep through the night either.

If the adult wakes up often, why shouldn’t the child?

What you can do is to help your child sleep better, but he or she may not necessarily do it all night long — precisely because it goes against his or her nature.

Getting babies to sleep is related to family serenity, harmony, and peace of mind.

As we always say to teach a child to sleep alone, the first step is precisely not to leave him alone.

Abandon methods like Estivill’s in favor of a method of presence and love toward your baby.

If you want a method for getting your baby to sleep, the main characteristics are:

  • quietness
  • observation
  • routine appropriate for the child and the whole family
  • acceptance and comfort
  • awareness
  • following an age-appropriate path

Children are not all the same

As you know children are all different, even two brothers, even twins can be completely different from each other.

To have one method that fits all would be to standardize them all: that is why it is necessary to have a full understanding of the child’s sleep, but at the same time focus on your own child.

We do this every day with parents who come to us, we have now carried out thousands of consultations because we believe that a direct exchange of information, the collaboration between family and expert, is the only way to succeed in solving a problem.

If you would like to learn more about your child’s sleep with us, we would be delighted to help you with MAMISleep.


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